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why we make beautiful wooden toys

Geppetto's apprentice is a young company that is run by a husband and wife team Wim & Heidy.

Having young children of their own, they know how important play is for the parent as well as for the child. As a parent you want the best for your children and that means no toxic or harmful materials or lots of overstimulation.

Coming from creative backgrounds and a having lot of practical skills (Heidy works a lot with fabrics and Wim used to be a boat builder.) they started to make their own toys for their children. Now having seen that there is a demand for beautiful wooden toys that stimulate the imagination for creative play, are environmentally sound, and reasonably priced, they have started out on their own.

They now run a small factory in Warburton Victoria near Melbourne where they make beautiful wooden toys and children's furniture for all to enjoy.

Why Us?

Open-ended play is what is most important for our little ones. No set rules or limitations. It stimulates their imagination and creativity. It makes them resourceful and will keep them occupied for hours. These days plastic toys do have many draw backs even if they are non toxic. Most of them are based on characters from movies or tv and are equipped with lights, noise and batteries. This means that the child will easily limit herself in play to the role the character represents. On top of this the sounds and lights will more than likely contribute to overstimulation.

We have the experience that even when we find a plastic toy that we think is suitable for our sons, they usually don't last that long.

The novelty quickly wears off, and the only thing that interests them after a while is the sound it makes, which I am sure most parents will agree upon, drives the parent crazy. They also break easily, especially when they are exposed to the sun.

Most plastic toys we were given ended up as landfill within the year.

This is why we make heirloom toys out of sustainable materials, no plastic or toxic materials. These toys are sturdy and will stand the test of time, and give your family endless stories and hours of play time whilst being just a little bit "greener".